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Animated maps offer interactive and intuitive representations of historical events. They enable viewing historical information in its temporal and spatial contexts. But WikiWar isn’t just about viewing the data — it’s about interacting with it.

Using the Story interface, you can pause the animation at any point and click on a unit icon to see more information about it, such as who commanded it and who was in it. You can also see all the references that substantiate why that unit is being depicted that way at that time.

Of course, for most of recorded history soldiers weren’t running around with a GPS strapped to their back, so there is a considerable margin of error in plotting locations and timings. WikiWar helps you visualize the estimated variance and get a feel for the accuracy of the account.

Where possible, basemaps originate from This means you get to see a battle play out over the terrain as it existed at that time, not this time. And if you see an error on the historical map, feel free to correct it - OpenHistoricalMap is an open-data project too!