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Multiple Perspectives

Accounts of any battle or war are as numerous as the participants — and the observers. WikiWar lets you choose how those various accounts are portrayed by selecting bias and prejudice filters. A typical bias is to prefer primary sources over secondary or tertiary sources. A typical prejudice is to exclude newspaper accounts. WikiWar doesn’t attempt to pick the one “true” account or try to merge disparate reports into a unified history. What really happened? WikiWar leaves that up to you.

Tagging source material opens up a world of insights. For example, searching for “Normandy Invasion in books” on Amazon yields over 3200 books. Some of those books are written by veterans, some by professional historians, some by politicians, and some by journalists. Some are written by Americans, some by Brits, some by Canadians, some by French people, some by Germans.

Want to see battles giving preference to accounts from German veterans written within 1 year of the battle and excluding all newspaper accounts? Just set your biases and prejudices and you’re on your way.