Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Project History


Project inception: after watching this Google Earth timestamp example, work begins on a logistical movement demo of the Maleme sector of the Battle of Crete, 1941. KML is coded by hand and finished around Christmas.


James Linden joins team as lead developer and technical architect. WikiWar version 1, a web application, is able to reproduce the hand-coded demo in the fall.


WikiWar version 2 is completed. It adds area effects and events. It is limited to producing single battles, each battle being a data island. Work begins on WikiWar version 3. Wikipedia infobox importer module started; jQuery dialogs introduced.


User interface overhaul based on jQuery, then another UI overhaul based on ExtJS. API development maturing. Redesigned system as a platform (the de Facto Social Research Engine), and the WikiWar project based on the platform. WikiWar logo designed.


Limitations of MySQL database prove significant. Initial prototypes with MongoDB begin. Job queuing system developed for parsing Wikipedia infoboxes (hybrid approach). Dumped ExtJS and started work on custom jQuery UI called WorkJS.


WikiWar Heritage Council founded as non-profit corporation to be the data custodian. API maturing, UI reworked.


Implementation of RabbitMQ and significant work to document system architecture. RabbitMQ allows real-time collaboration for map editing. website stood up to demonstrate capability. Jewish Holocaust trains demo created to show 1 week's worth of train movement.


Integration with Leaflet and Openstreetmap / Openhistoricalmap maturing. Rebuilt deFacto in Ruby to work around lack of typing in PHP. Also implemented Bootstrap for UI. Lots of work done on map editor.


WorksJS javascript framework rebranded as Entregre and published with full documentation. Work started on Mapstream animation feed.


Major work done to rebuild WikiWar based on Laravel. Three demos created for presentation at Openstreetmap's State of the Map US in Boulder, Colorado in October. OpenHistoricalmap Vimy Ridge map project started.


Openhistoricalmap Tasking Manager stood up.