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All WikiWar data starts with a reference. Ideally that reference will be a primary source, such as an official war diary, but secondary sources, such as one of the hundreds of thousands of published war books are also heavily relied upon. Even Wikipedia articles and other web resources are included. But no data can be entered without at least one reference.

The flip side of this requirement is simple: if a source document claims a unit was at a particular place at a particular time, then it can get entered into WikiWar. It is then up to the community to tag the source document as inaccurate. And you guessed it — for that tag to carry any weight, it will need a reference.

In this way, we work together to correct the historical record for the benefit of everyone.

Why take this approach? WikiWar isn’t about any one person’s interpretation of events. It is about what the documents show. This allows for some interesting comparative analysis, such as the difference between what newspapers said happened versus military after-action reports.