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One-stop Research

You’ll find complete digital copies of all references cited in WikiWar whenever possible. We don’t believe in simply citing a reference — that’s so last century. Spend your time reading source materials, not finding them.

Traditionally, citations put the onus on you to go and track down that reference, make arrangements to view it, and incorporate it in your own research. Who has time for that anymore? We believe in providing you with copies of all cited works (as copyright allows) so that you can get on with your research instead of the logistics of your research.

This involves creating a massive online document archive. Where possible, documents will include direct links back to the originating institutions. Copyright laws are respected, and WikiWar will comply with any DMCA takedown orders in the event a document gets uploaded without authorization. We’ll also use the opportunity to try and make some sort of arrangement for including that document in the archive to the benefit of the copyright holder.

In many cases, primary sources are handwritten. This doesn’t make it easy for people to read them, and machines can’t do much with them either. WikiWar will be running a sub-project to transcribe and proofread such documents by our contributors. This makes research much easier, and machines will be able to index them and display their contents in search results as well.